Using Technology To Help With Business Security

Using Technology To Help With Business Security

A lot of businesses are now creating a digital profile, an imprint on the world wide web.

There are more opportunities and plenty of them available on a global scale for any business to take advantage of. But putting yourself on the internet can also pose a threat to the security of your business. No matter what the size of the company, a cyber attack could only be one click away. So how can businesses use technology to strengthen their security?

Encrypt Your Data And Devices

Encryption is a great way of keeping confidential information just that – confidential! So for any business, it’s important to encrypt all the data to protect it from getting stolen or falling into the wrong hands. A lot of organisations have fallen victim to this, and it’s caused a lot of damage to that company, to the point where some companies have gone bust because of it. There’s also encrypted USB devices that can now be purchased which keeps those who may have wandered into an office from taking information and copying it through a USB drive. Only encrypted USBs will be recognisable on the computer.

Use Two-Step Authentication On Transactions

Most financial transactions are now done online which although makes everything a lot simpler, it can also increase the risk of personal information being stolen. Two-step authentication is a process that has already become a common feature amongst many online banking system apps, email accounts and more. So having something like SSO solutions from ProofID is a great way of having peace of mind in dealing with transactions online, knowing that they are being handled safely and securely. It’s important to delegate this to one or two individuals within the organisation so that the risk of it being used for the wrong intentions is minimal.

Store Data In The Cloud

Digital files are much more vulnerable at randomly deleting themselves or becoming lost in the system, and unlike physical copies, once they disappear, it’s unlikely to get them back. Utilising a cloud storage system to store data securely can almost be like an extra back up for your files, should anything go AWOL on the servers. Company data should always be backed up regularly anyway and stored on encrypted devices. This means there’s plenty of extra copies of the data, should the cloud be at risk.

Get The Right Firewalls

Anti-malware systems should be in place from the get-go in any business as they help protect the data and company from cyber attacks and threats in general. Getting the right one is important because each system is likely to offer something different and there will be varying levels of security available depending on the premium requirements that an organisation may need.

Businesses should always be wary of protecting their security, especially as cyber attacks and hackers are becoming more regular in occurrence. They are also becoming more dangerous as those who commit these online crimes to learn and educate themselves more to break into the systems that are in place.

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