What Are Appreciation Events In Business?

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There are countless different types of corporate events that a company may want to host, but one of the lesser-known options is an appreciation event.

In this piece, we’ll look deeper into the topic of appreciation events along with a few tips on the benefits such an event could offer to your company.

What is an appreciation event?

As the name indicates, an appreciation event is an event that is designed to show appreciation to a certain group of people.

Which groups do appreciation events focus on?

    • Employee appreciation events. This type of event is for employees and the people involved in the day-to-day running of the company
    • Customer or client appreciation. This type of event is for customers or clients of the business that have made a significant contribution to the company’s ongoing success. 
    • Combined events. It can also be possible to combine both employee and client appreciation events into one singular experience if preferred, though this is less common.

    What kind of experiences should an appreciation event provide?

    Appreciation events are designed to say thank you to clients or employees, so most will provide some form of entertainment or excitement – the goal is, essentially, to provide the target group with an event they will really benefit from.

    There are a wide variety of different ideas for how to achieve the above goal with your event, so you should be able to find a choice that suits your budget and your preferences. Some businesses may choose to plan a day trip or a golfing excursion to one of the top courses in the country; others will prefer to find entertainment from the likes of and host a spectacular evening party. There’s really no limit as to what you can do.

    To find out what type of event or activities your target group may prefer, it’s often best to just ask the individuals within that group directly; let the preferences of those you wish to thank be the guide.

    What are the benefits of appreciation events to the company?

    In addition to the simple fact that appreciation events are a great way to express genuine thanks to those who have helped your business to flourish, appreciation events can also offer additional benefits:

    • Client or customer appreciation events. Client retention is crucial for any businesses, and an appreciation event could help to improve retention rates and strengthen your relationships with existing clients of your business. There may also be the additional benefit of an enhanced business reputation, as your customers or clients may spread the word about your efforts – which may, in turn, bring new custom to your business.

    How can you decide if you should host an appreciation event?

    If you want to thank your employees for their dedication or have a group of customers or clients who have made significant contributions to your success, then an appreciation event could well be the right choice for your company.

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