How To Use E-Learning To Boost Employee Engagement

Using E-Learning to Improve Employee Engagement [Infographic]

An interesting infographic and resource on using e-learning in the workplace to boost employee engagement.

The following infographic from online training provider Filtered looks at e-learning in the work-place and it’s benefits.

Advocates of the importance of using e-learning to increase employee engagement in the work-place (find out more in this blog post), Filtered have pioneered technologies allowing the customisation of training programs to individual students and roles for maximum efficiency.

The infographic includes facts and statistics relating to employee training, development opportunities and motivations.

Using E-Learning to Improve Employee Engagement

Source: Filtered

Filtered are an innovative e-learning provider who use a range of advanced adaptive technologies to filter out material individual students already know or won’t need, to accelerate learning and reduce the overall time required for training.

This personalised training approach means that individuals in your business training program only learn what they need to, and you can target training to both roles and individuals for maximum success.

The benefits online training in itself as a medium are significant – external training is both time consuming and expensive. By allowing your employees to train online you can empower them to learn without the detriment of losing them as a resource for extended periods.

We hope you have found the infographic and this post useful.

If you have a comment or question about e-learning in the work-place feel free to leave a comment below.

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