The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year [Infographic]

We hope you were not one of the people who had to unfortunately claim on their insurance this Christmas and New Year.

With 15 million being paid out to home owners who have had Christmas gifts stolen or items damaged over the festive period, it is important to reiterate the message that festive periods, and that can include birthdays and any other celebratory periods, are a high risk time.

Double check your contents insurance covers you for all the items you own at present as many people are underinsured. Then take into consideration what gifts you will buy and receive during a celebratory period.

As you will see from the Infographic below, you can purchase insurance policies that will cover you for extra items over Christmas. Losing gifts and money is a very stressful experience especially when stolen. If you are fully covered and not underinsured this will make the experience a lot easier on yourself and your family.


Infographic Supplied By AON

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