Major Money Habits You Should Change [Infographic]

Major Money Habits You Should Change [Infographic]

We can all have bad habits that we know aren’t the healthiest. When it comes money, bad habits can leave you out for pocket or, at worst, struggling financially.

Sometimes you need to take a good look at how you manage your money and change your financial habits for the better.

Using Credit and Managing Debt

Taking out credit cards, loans and other types of credit is often a useful way to spread or delay an expense. It also helps your credit score.

However, relying on it too much can spell trouble. It’s important to take a responsible approach to borrowing money and to managing your debt.


Most people don’t have to worry about their taxes too much, unless they’re self-employed. But even if you are on the PAYE system, you should still check your payslips to make sure your tax code is correct. It’s important to know if you’re due a refund too.

Preparing for the Future

Too many people are so focused on their financial situation now that they don’t do anything to prepare for the future. It can be hard to start thinking about retirement when money is tight now, but it’s worth trying to come up with a plan.

Everyday Spending and Saving Habits

The way you spend and save your money each day has an effect on your long-term financial situation. There are plenty of habits you might not realise you have that you could change to make a big difference. It can take a while to make the changes, but your finances could be much healthier.

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