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Petplan Reveals That As The Mercury Rises, Pet Summer Health Claims Soar

Petplan Reveals That As the Mercury Rises, Pet Summer Health Claims Soar

New data from the UK’s most trusted pet insurer, Petplan, highlights that the hot weather can get the better of our pets, with claims for heatstroke, grass seed infections, dog and cat attacks, as well as injuries resulting from foreign bodies increasing in the warmer months.

Heat Stroke

Unsurprisingly, claims data from Petplan indicates that cases of heat stroke soar in the summer months, with 83% of all instances occurring from July to August* – 48% of which happened in July alone*.

Heat stroke can cause lasting harm and even death to animals once the symptoms are visible, with the highest single claim in 2014 reaching nearly £600*.

Pet Attacks

Petplan Reveals That As the Mercury Rises, Pet Summer Health Claims Soar - Grumpy Dog

Traditionally during the warmer weather, owners and their pets spend more time in the great outdoors, whether it’s an afternoon in a busy park or a day out by the seaside.  However, it’s not all fun and games, with the data revealing that the number of claims for dog on dog attack wounds, escalates by 55% in line with increased outdoor activity during the summertime versus the winter*.

Like humans, dogs can become irritable and grumpy in crowded and hot situations, with the highest number of dog on dog attack claims being made in July. The highest value single claim for a dog on dog attack in the summer months was £5,787.20*.

When it comes to felines, there is a 28% increase in claims for cat fight and bite wounds in the summer months versus winter. The highest single summer claim pay-out for the treatment of cat fight injuries and bite abscesses reaching £3,000*.

Ghastly Grass Seeds

Those tiny ‘innocent’ little grass seeds can cause potentially huge and expensive problems even in the most robust breeds of dogs. Petplan reveals that 80% of all grass seed claims occur between June and August, with the highest single summer claim for this all-too-common problem totalling £3,649*.

Foreign Bodies

Petplan Reveals That As the Mercury Rises, Pet Summer Health Claims Soar - Battersea Dog & Cat Home

The pet insurer has also spotted a significant spike in the number of claims for injuries resulting from foreign bodies during the summer months. In fact, 77% of all claims relating to foreign bodies in the ears*, from activities such as swimming, and 55% for foreign bodies, such as thorns, twigs, grass and grit, in paws or feet occur between June and August*. This can be a costly ailment to resolve –  last year, the highest single summer claim pay-out for foreign bodies in ears was £4,193*.

The data has been released following recent news that Petplan has teamed up with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to launch its second Summer Safety campaign. The activity aims to warn pet owners of the increased risk to animals due to heat or seasonal-related ailments, like heatstroke, grass seeds and even sunburn, as the temperature rises.

Isabella von Mesterhazy, Head of Marketing at Petplan, comments: “At Petplan we’ve been looking after the nation’s dogs, cats and rabbits over the past 39 years and we remain dedicated to ensuring our pets health and well-being are in tip top condition all year round.

“Our goal is to give pets the best protection this summer, which is why we have produced the SPF (Summer Proof Fun) guide to help owners to minimise the risk to their pets, ensuring that they are sun-safe and holiday-happy”.

For more information on Petplan’s Summer Safety Campaign and to download the Summer Proof Fun survey, please visit

*Based on Petplan claims data January – December 2014

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