A Healthy Return: Ethical Investments For The Green-Minded

A Healthy Return: Ethical Investments For The Green-Minded

With Good Money Week about to wrap up, it’s been a lot of awareness around ethical saving and investment lately – especially on social media.

The sustainability is sort of trending, with an 11 % increase in assets across almost 200 charities, according to investment firm Good With Money.

Wealth makes the world go around, and those who have more of it will also have the power to make a change in society as well as the environment – as long as they choose wisely.

Here is a quick run-down of the best options for those looking for a greener way to grow their money.

Sustainability Fund

One of the favourites among experts is the FP Wheb Sustainability Fund. It selects stocks in terms of nine social and environmental themes, such as sustainable transport, resource efficiency, healthcare or education.

They also publish an annual report, so you get to see the exact numbers on where your investments are going and an absolute measure of positive environmental impact.

It’s so popular because it actively seeks out the kind of companies that provide positive solutions to various issues, giving peace of mind to ethical investors who want to feel confident that their money is making a difference.

Remember to think about the way you spend your money, in general, too as an increasing number of companies are starting to donate money to charities.

The ten largest corporate givers have actually donated a combined total of £200 million.

While ethical and sustainable investment may sound like the same thing, the former excludes controversial sectors such as tobacco; while the latter backs companies which promote positive social and environmental development.

Ethical investments are the most common, though, so you’re likely to find many variations of this.

ThreadNeedle UK Social Bond Fund

This option works almost the same as the ones listed above, but ThreadNeedle UK focuses primarily on investing in registered bonds issued by organisations which supports social causes and a balanced economy in the UK.

The social themes include transport, social housing, and education, so it should be right up your alley if you’re passionate about improving the society. More than 80 % has, according to its annual report, been allocated to investments with a social impact.

Have a look at this article for an insight into the most generous companies in the UK, and you should be able to spend your money even more wisely from now on.

We’re going to find an increasing number of responsible investments and savings options the next couple of years – and you already have a lot to choose from.

Make sure you do some research before desiding on an option, and go through their annual reports for that extra bit of confidence.

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