3 Ways To Save Money & Get Out Of Debt Fast

When you’re struggling financially, it can seem like a never-ending mire of bills, expenses and debt repayments.

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‘Make a Plan’ For Next Christmas Now, Debt Charity Urges

The decorations have come down. The crackers have been pulled. The gifts have been unwrapped. Yes, the festive season is now well and truly over. But as we hurtle into 2018, households are being urged to once again turn their attention to Christmas.

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5 Tips For A Debt-Free 2018

Those few days after the festive season are dangerous, right?

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Customer Loyalty Schemes: Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Whether it’s a Nectar card tucked away in our wallet or a Subway app uploaded onto our phone, most of us have signed up to at least a few rewards schemes.

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A Beginner's Guide To Inflation

A Beginner’s Guide To Inflation

Have you ever heard an older person complaining about how, back in ‘their day,’ candy bars cost twenty pence?

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The IFISA: Is It Right for Me?

Watch out, savers, there’s a new ISA in town. They’re calling it the Innovative Finance ISA (IFSA), and it differs from other types of ISAs in several ways.

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New Pound Coin Could Cost Britain £1.1bn - British 12 sided pound coin - Image via Flickr - By mwmbwls

New Pound Coin Could Cost Britain £1.1bn

Britain could be set to lose £1.1bn in small change when the existing pound coins are withdrawn from circulation.

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