Which Gold Coin Collection Should I Choose To Invest In?

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Investing in gold is recommended to hedge against volatility and inflation.

It is an excellent tool because it isn’t subject to capital gains tax. Also, there is always a market for this metal. However, it isn’t enough to invest in gold. There are differences you should note before investing. Gold coins differ in so many ways.¬†

Before investing in gold coins, ensure that your preference has liquidity and suits your location. Also, check the tax advantages it provides. The best gold collections you should consider includes:

British Gold Britannia 

Manufactured by the Royal Mint, this gold was created in 2022. The team responsible for the £1 coin made the design and this makes it one of the most secure gold coins in the globe. Why is it considered more secure? Well, it comes with bolder designs that are more intricate. It would be difficult and costly to copy the designs.

The Britannia gold coins come in 24 carat mints and were made with advanced techniques to reduce imitation. It is one of the few that is tax free, including VAT. You can get these coins in fractional sizes as well. 

Krugerrand Gold Coin

This gold is of South African origin, as the country has a large gold production industry. Produced by the largest gold refining company in the world, this is a good coin to consider. The company began to make gold bullion coins shortly before the gold standard became prohibited.

It comes in different sizes, depending on what you’re looking for. So those who have a small budget can find something for their investment. Since the brand is popular, selling the coin would also be a breeze.

Philharmonic Gold Coin

This Austrian gold coin is also quite popular, and it’s been around since 1989. It showcases the rich musical history of Vienna as well. It comes in 24k carats and different sizes. Its purity is considered the same as Maple Leaf gold coins from Canada.

However, it scratches easily, which may affect its future value. 

Gold Eagle 

This American coin is government issued which guarantees quality on its part. It has high liquidity as well, and its purity is also great. With low premiums, you can also use it as a legal tender within the US.

Gold Eagle comes in different denominations. However, the premium may be higher when the coin is smaller.  

Kangaroo Gold Coin

This coin from Australia was introduced in 1987. It comes in 24k and highlights Australia’s most popular animal, the kangaroo. This makes it a collector favourite. Also, its low premiums and purity make it ideal for investors. Most come with a capsule to prevent scratches and dents, preserving their value.¬†

Panda Gold Coin 

The panda gold coin from China has smaller sizes, up to 1/20 ounce, for those with a smaller budget. It started production in 1982 and will likely be more difficult to get since the country banned gold exports. Expect the prices to soar in the long term.

Consider these factors Before picking a gold coin

First, choose a coin with 22k purity because it can affect the value when you want to resell it. When it has higher purity, there will not be other alloys like copper in the coin. Check for coins with up to 91.6% since it is the average for most coins.

While 24k gold is more popular among investors, it is important to remember that gold is considered a soft metal. However, coins with alloys are more durable because they make them easier to handle and prevent damage.

Also, whatever coin you choose needs to have a large supply to be easier to sell in the future. When you can’t find coins in circulation, it won’t be easy to convince someone to buy them. Also, buying from a known brand is ideal. This will ensure that the coin has adequate demand for resale.

A high demand means more people will be interested in the coin. Also, buy a coin that is aesthetically pleasing. While gold is gold regardless of how it looks, an aesthetically pleasing coin will do better in terms of resale and demand. 


There are many coin options to consider for investment. It helps to research each one and consider your personal preferences. You can buy it online or visit physical stores. However, ensure that the seller has the appropriate documentation for the coins and that it meets all the other requirements in this guide.

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