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Are We Sleep Walking Into A Retirement Crisis? [Infographic]

Are We Sleep Walking Into A Retirement Crisis? [Infographic] - Elderly Couple Shopping, By Sjoerd Lammer

An infographic that takes a look into the upcoming pension and retirement crisis.

This infographic from 247Moneybox highlights a lot of the issues that people in the UK are going to be facing in the future if we do not start to save properly for our retirement.

The survey which spoke to 100 UK adults showed that instead of saving for our retirement, people have a range of other priorities including cars and holidays, that they save for before even considering their pension pot.

One of the very important issue the infographic highlights is how the respondents of the survey grossly underestimated how much each person would need to save for retirement, to live on just £17,000 per year.

View the infographic in full below:

Main Image Source – By Sjoerd Lammer

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