Review: Is Quidco Worth It Or Is It A Con?

Is Quidco worth it? Or is the cashback service just a con? Read on to find out.

At we have been using Quidco for a couple of years now, so can give a review based on that experience.

Is Quidco Worth It?

In a word: yes.

Using the service you can get cash-back on purchases and services you would have used anyway, from 1000s of different companies and retailers in the UK.

We have had over £300 back from just using the site occasionally over the last couple of years.

Is Quidco A Con?

In a word: no.

Quidco seems to be completely legitimate.

The tracking system seems to work just fine, though note we always clear cookies to make sure the click-through works, but it should be fine either way.

The money earned is sent promptly into your Paypal account, and the payments were quick and reliable.

Is Quidco Free?

Quidco is completely free.

However there is an option to upgrade to premium membership that costs £5 per year at time of writing, which is taken out of your earnings.

You don’t need to go premium – as far as we can see all it does is remove some fairly unobtrusive adverts that are displayed.

Click here to sign up to Quidco

 How to use Quidco

Watch the video below for a quick guide to Quidco.

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