The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels In The World

The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels in the World - Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi - Image Via Flickr - By Rob Alter

Imagine you’re a business magnate or major Hollywood celebrity with endless pockets and a lust for spending your cash.

A normal hotel, be it a budget hostel, middling 3-star or even a glamorous 5-star hotel chain, just won’t do. Travelling for the mega rich goes way beyond the gold standard of your typical hotelier service; it is having your every whim and desire met by a private butler, Michelin-star room service and opulent suites fit for a royal family.

Insanely luxurious and expensive hotels give us a peak into the travelling lives of these crazy rich lifestyles. Here we look at five of the most lavish, palatial and Presidential digs, with five hotels that have rooms fit for a king or queen.

There are plenty of fantastic five-star hotels out there, but these five rooms are in the realm of dreams.

The Penthouse Apartment of the Hotel Connaught, London

The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels in the World - Hotel Connaught

The Connaught is an exclusive apartment in the heart of Mayfair, built as a Penthouse of the luxury five-star hotel, The Connaught.

Designed by the award-winning interior designer David Collins, the suite features two bedrooms across 286 square metres, with marbled bathrooms, elegant furnishings and refined use of space.

At over £16,800 a night, it is one of the most expensive suites in London. Among its highlights include a highly perseverant butler who once followed former guests back to France just to return their forgotten shoes.

Michelin-star food is available from Hélène Darroze of the Connaught, but the real highlight is the stunning balcony over the haut monde of London’s Mayfair area.

The Royal Suite of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels in the World - Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

As one of the most expensive suites available in Paris, the Royal Suite is exactly as it sounds; dripping in lavish Regency-styled furnishings, Victorian-era panels, flowing silk and lots of opulent space.

As if the Plaza Athénée wasn’t posh enough, the Royal Suite features four immaculately decorated bedrooms across the largest suite in Paris, complete with an office, two drawing rooms and a kitchen, so that guests can migrate their chefs with them when they’re not dining at the hotel’s 3 Michelin starred restaurant.

The hotel itself dates back to the early 20th Century and has seen waves of Hollywood glitz throughout its century-long history. The Royal Suite, however, is also fully kitted for the future with fingerprint identification and a price tag of over £19,500 a night.

The Palace Suite at the Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels in the World - Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi

No list of exclusive and luxurious hotels can exist without a nod to the ridiculously excessive opulence of the United Arab Emirates’ elite hotel suites, of which there are many, many to choose from.

The Palace Suite wins out on sheer extravagant volume. At 680 square metres, each of the three bedrooms are a suite in and of themselves, complete with plentiful oriental textiles, marble floors and gold-finished furniture.

At over £12,000 a night, what makes this particular suite special is that there are actually 48 different Palace Suites in this mega £3 billion hotel.

Guests are given a personal butler who works around the clock to please it Palace Suite’s elite guests, and you can expect everything from a private Jacuzzi to access to the hotel’s private beach!

The Villa du Comte at the 13, Macau

The 13 is one of the most opulent and over-the-top penthouse suites that money can buy. You can expect to spend over £65,000 per night here to experience its Baroque-themed gold-ceiling, velvet-laden and chrome furnishings, private escalator and some absolutely insane views over Macau’s glistening nightlife.

With Roman baths and glitzy (kitschy) stained glass windows, guests have free access to the hotel’s Rolls-Royce Phantom car for personal use. Is this the thing of James Bond or a Bond villain? You decide.

The Cocoon Suites, Cocoon Maldives

The 5 Most Insanely Luxurious Hotels in the World - The Cocoon Suites, Cocoon Maldives

The last choice is sea-bound wonder which is far more affordable and ever so satisfying. With bright and airy maroon-coloured furnishings and design with large windows offering panoramic views of crystalline waters, the Cocoon Maldives is an Italian-designed hotel with on-site spas, pools and promenades which lead directly onto, and into, the sea.

At 300 square metres, guests can expect two large bedrooms with a private, outdoor area complete with its own plunge pool. At only a fraction of the elite suites so far, you get to experience the unspoilt beauty of the Lhaviyani Atoll with its azure waters and pristine white sands.

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