Ways To Make Your Holidays Cheaper

Ways to Make Your Holidays Cheaper

Holidays can be a luxury some of us save up all year to enjoy and, when there’s more than one of you to consider, the expense reaches new limits!

For parents, it can be hard to say no to our children’s demands, and singletons can often lose out having to pay unnecessary excess charges.

With so many opportunities to overspend before and during your trip, we’ve compiled a list of eight ways to make your holidays a little cheaper this year.

  1. Research different packages.

All inclusive packages are on the up and more travellers are choosing to book the ‘one price for all’ deal in an effort to save money. Shop around to find out which holiday packages are best for you.

  1. Set up a holiday savings account.

It can be hard to save money if you have bills to pay, mouths to feed and a house to manage. Open up a savings account with your bank and put in a certain amount each week that you can afford. By the time your holidays come around, you’ll have a nice lump sum of spending money!

  1. Book last minute.

Booking last minute holidays can be a very good way to save money and many travel operators offer fantastic late deals. Do a little bit of research and you can save hundreds of pounds by waiting to book.

  1. Travel at off-peak times.

Summer holidays are always going to be the most expensive time to travel, but the last week of August and first week of September are usually slightly cheaper. If you can, travel during the off-peak season for significantly cheaper prices.

  1. Shop around for insurance.

Travel and health insurance is always important if you are going away and can save you lots of money if you end up having problems abroad. Make sure you compare deals and look into getting an EHIC card, which entitles you to free emergency medical care in Europe.

  1. Be shop savvy.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes you’re only going to wear once on holiday. Go to cheaper high street stores for your basics and choose clothes that can take you from the beach to the bar.

  1. Organise your own travel.

Tour buses can be pricey and local transport services often have travel cards which are much cheaper. Many cities are enjoyable to walk around and you can easily get from place to place without signing up to expensive excursions.

  1. Eat in.

Stock up on breakfast foods you can eat in your apartment and make sandwiches to take to the beach for lunch. Be aware that hotel restaurants are often expensive. Ask locals where the best places are to eat out; they’re also often the cheapest.

There are many other ways you can save while abroad by doing research and being aware of companies that charge tourists more money. When you’re at your destination, speak to locals, expats and workers who can give you advice on ways to make your holiday cheaper.

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