How To Speed Up An Old Android Phone

How To Speed Up An Old Android Phone With The Help Of Apps

When it comes to mobile technology, improvements are always needed and are always being made.

Therefore, just as advertisers can benefit from the right Demand Side Platform (DSP) to help them purchase display mobile, video, and search ads, Android phone users seeking to speed up their old device can do so with the help of the right apps.

The point being, whether you are an advertiser or a regular app user, there are solutions to help you achieve your goal of finding success, whatever that goal may be.

That being said, in the case of giving your old Android phone a boost, here are 5 apps that may help you to improve the performance of your device.

How To Speed Up An Old Android Phone With The Help Of Apps

Clean Master

This free app comes with a Junk Files tool for cleaning your phone’s system, app cache and its temp files. It also features an antivirus tool, a memory saving Phone Boost tool and an app manager. Essentially, it helps to free up storage on your phone.


While initially one of the top PC maintenance tools for Windows, it is now also a mobile app for Android that is ideal for cleaning up the system on your phone. It is a multipurpose cleaning tool that can clean out your phone’s app cache, browser history, download folders, temporary files, etc. It also has CPU, RAM and storage meters.

3c Toolbox

Previously known as Android Turner, it gives you lots of tweaking and diagnostic tools that can help you improve the health of their system. The toolbox is equipped with a task manager that will manage or kill apps, backup or restore APKs and you can view lots of diagnostic data.

DU Speed Booster

This app comes with a Trash Cleaner for junk file cleaning and app cache cleaning.  It also comes with an antivirus, built-in Internet speed test, and a one-touch accelerator. It is an ideal way to free up internal storage space.

1 Tap Cleaner

Featuring a History Cleaner, a Cache Cleaner and a Default Cleaner, this app helps you to free up storage space, allowing you to remove temporary files that have been left by apps. You can clear all apps at once or you can manually select apps. You might find the default cleaner of this app to be particularly useful because it makes it easy for you to revert back to your phone’s default settings.

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