Is Your New Smart Meter Actually Saving You Money?

Smart meters are being rolled out across the country – if you haven’t had one installed in your home already then chances are you’ll be getting one soon.

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Don’t Share Bank Details With Finance Apps, Warns NatWest

NatWest has warned its customers not to share their online banking details with finance apps – apps designed to help savers keep a closer eye on their budgets.

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Need Help with Your Banking? Ask a Robot

Meet Aida. Shes helpful, polite and, according to Aida herself, she is ‘always at work, 24/7, 365 days a year. Shes also a robot.

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Apps Overtake Branches in Battle for Banking

It’s official. The amount of banking we do via smartphone apps is on the rise – highlighting one major driving force behind branch closures across the country.

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Are You Ready for the Cash Machine Revolution?

Thanks to advances in technology, cash machines are about to get a whole lot smarter – and that can only be a good thing.

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Lyft Expects Driverless Cabs ‘Within 5 Years’ - Lyft Taxi

Lyft Expects Driverless Cabs ‘Within 5 Years’

Driveless taxi cabs are set to be introduced into the UK a lot sooner than we thought.

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MasterCard Selfie Pay - By Kārlis Dambrāns

MasterCard Selfie Pay

Mastercard wants to replace old-fashioned mobile password with selfies to approve online payments. Have we gone too far?

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