Ryder Cup 2014: The Top Apps For The Top Tournament

Ryder Cup 2014: The Top Apps For The Top Tournament

The prime golfing event of the year, the Ryder Cup, is just around the corner, and with a healthy dose of golf action coming up, it’s important that, as a fan, you stay on top of the action and, most importantly, on top of your game!

There are loads of different apps available for the golf aficionado, and all of them will, as well as helping you along the tournament season, help you produce birdies where once only turkeys existed! Here are some of our favourites.

VPAR iPhone App


If you think you’re beset by incorrect scorers, taking advantage of your immense concentration in order to shave a couple of shots off their score, then VPAR is the app for you. A live scoring system, VPAR is famously used to keep track of big golfing competitions; however there is also a free version for people who aren’t yet pros. With thousands of courses from across the world built in, and featuring maps, GPS distances, and a handy service that emails the scores to all players after the game, VPAR is not to be missed.

Sports Bookies

Sports Bookies

Part of the fun of the Ryder Cup is being able to wager a little cash on your favourite contenders, adding an extra dose of excitement to the already riveting game. There’s plenty of bookies out there, though online is where you should be looking; better odds and bigger payouts come in tandem with internet-based gambling sites. Since there are so many online sites to choose from, and almost all of them offer apps that allow one to quickly and easily access their services.



We’d all love to have your own seasoned caddy, someone to offer some tips and tricks on the course when the going gets tough and you’re knee deep in a steak of bad luck; alas, golf is an expensive game as it is! Caddio solves this problem completely. As a free crowd-sourced golfing app, Caddio lets users share information about the courses they play, letting you know about any hidden dangers that otherwise might hurt your game. Caddio also has instructions on how to best swing each different club, helping you attain an unparalleled level of poise and play you never thought you had in you! We’ll see how well the developers deal with the extra influx of tips and tricks when this app gets larger, but we’re cautiously optimistic they can pull it off.

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