5 Effective Marketing Tips To Grow Your Property Management Business

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As the internet continues to make the world smaller, and powerful competitors rise everywhere, the importance of using marketing to stand out has never been greater.

Consequently, when considering marketing methods, many property managers focus on digital marketing methods above all. However, the human interaction and personal touch are often left out, making digital marketing methods less effective.  

That is exactly why personalising your approach online and offline, is what is going to help your property management business stand out. The more well-known your management company becomes, more business will come to you through referrals, word-of-mouth, and reputation. Creating a personal connection with the prospective clients is a simple, yet effective way to grow your property management business. 

Here are 5 effective marketing tips on how to do just that. 

1. Use promotional materials

When you think of any brand, you’ll likely think of their visuals first. Visual content tends to be the most powerful link to stimulating growth and engagement with potential and current clients, so making sure they remember you is crucial.  Being consistent with your branding and using promotional products is the most important tip for growing your property management business.  

There are ample opportunities to foster and grow business relationships, as well as gain business recognition with the use of promotional materials.  Below we list a few suggestions.  Alternatively, you could look into using a company specified for promotional materials such as for instance.


Make sure your staff all wear the branded apparel, which is a great way to maintain a consistent look for superintendents, agents, cleaning staff and other employees. Having a professional, consistent look will reflect well in the community and make your property look and feel like it is well maintained.  Wearing these garments through the community will also increase brand awareness.

Client Giveaways

Giveaways grow your business. They attract crowds and create positive associations. Giveaways to current and prospective clients, at tradeshows or within community all promote good will. When clients come to your office for short meetings or to sign documents, handing out items like pens or coffee mugs, is a great way to promote your brand. It makes it very likely that another potential client will see the name and inquire about your property. Even when your clients are leaving, giving them a little gift makes them more likely to speak positively about the building or the leasing company. 


Functionality is the key for tradeshow giveaways. Useful branded items like tote bags give your brand exposure on the tradeshow floor and attract others to your booth. They are also a great way for you to thank your client and aim to retain them for any future business. 

2. Ensure optimised online presence

Online presence is nothing new but using your online presence to its full extent is something that can give you advantage over competition and grow your business as well. 


There are several ways to do this.  Optimising your website to boost discoverability in search ensures that your business shows up on top in search engines. Ensure your website is secure and you have a fast loading and a mobile/tablet responsive website. 

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Very often, websites are not optimised for all the devices, making your business looking unprofessional. Your online information should be accurate and up to date across all the platforms, including your websites, social media accounts, Google Business, Yelp, etc. 

Clients value transparency. List the management services you provide, the cost and contact information, as well as any positive reviews or referrals.  

Social media platforms

Choose the right social media platforms.  People spend 5-6 hours on smartphones a day, so having a mobile-friendly website is a must.  According to the Statista, more than half of the global website traffic comes from smartphones. Make sure your webpage looks the same whether you’re viewing from your desktop, mobile or tablet.  Don’t neglect Pinterest – it will help you expand your property management network.  Using Pinterest as an image-focused property management channel will put you in front of the right audience.  

3. Community

Building relationships, online and offline, is another effective strategy to consider when growing your property management business. 

Business affiliations

Attend local real estate investor meetings, network with members, let them know about your property management services. 

Consider the other services an owner or a tenant might need – local bank, house cleaner, real estate attorney, handyman – and ally with them to better market your business.  Exchange web links and promotional materials. Affiliating with local businesses will boost your marketing reach and help your property management business grow.  

Getting involved in the community

In this digital and pandemic age and time, people are craving personal interactions. People want to deal with people, so getting your face in front of clients provides that human touch. Build connections with your community by being present and active. Respond to client comments on your posts, go to community meetings, local rental property association meetings and other events where you can mingle with residents and property owners. 

Sponsor or participate in community events.  Let your staff members personally distribute gift-bags or even organise an event. The buzz will spread, and more people will be wanting the units in your properties. Personal interactions are crucial! They boost overall goodwill between the company and its tenants and builds positive word of mouth.  Everyone wants a property management business with a great reputation. 

4. Referrals and Reviews

Reviews and referrals can greatly impact your company’s reputation and the conversion rate of new property management clients. Building or maintaining an impeccable reputation, offline and online, is another important aspect to growing your property management business.


As a property manager, you need to be involved in the civic life of the communities where you manage property, otherwise you could be missing out on that face-to-face familiarity.  Use that in-person touch to boost word-of-mouth referrals. Don’t forget that actions speak louder than words, so lead with empathy. Show your appreciation by sending a thank you card or email or provide annual calendars to all your clients.  Let your prospects know they are appreciated. It is the little things that make the biggest difference in referrals and grow your business the most. 


Positive reviews help build credibility and trust for your business, so business opportunities depend on how reputable your brand is in the market. Request testimonials from satisfied clients and work hard to address your clients’ concerns.  Always respond to all online reviews. Always recognise and thank your referrals as it helps you establish a long-term relationship. Positive reviews and referrals reassure potential property management clients that you are reliable.  Having solid online reputation isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. 

Referral program

Getting referrals from past and present clients is one of the most reliable ways of boosting your property management business and growing your client base. To motivate the referrals, you could also implement an incentive and referral program, which can help expand business during a pandemic and ramp up the number of clients.  

5. Relatable Content

Content is an incredibly effective tool for improving your marketing, hence growing your business.  Blogs and other forms of content offer you the opportunity to position yourself as a thought-leader and a helpful authority – a go-to person on the subject of property management.  Understand your audience. In an ocean of online and offline content make sure that yours is relevant and helpful to your clients.  

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Create content assets – ebooks, videos, blog posts, newsletters, handbook, virtual tours, podcasts, brochures – that answer commonly asked questions property owners or tenants might have.  Think about the ‘pain points’ property owners might have and present a solution to any common problems. By doing this, you build trust and demonstrate your expertise on the subject.  Cover topics that are relevant and you will draw more clients to your property management service. 

You’re set for success

All over the world, property owners seeking a management company can have their pick of firms. An effective property management marketing campaign can make the difference between success and failure of your property management company.  When your message speaks directly to the type of property owner or renter you’re targeting, it will resonate.  As a result, you’ll see more clients and your property management business will grow.

One thing is certain – engagement and great customer service are more important than ever.  The ability to provide a great experience and establish a relationship with prospects will leave you above your competition.  Going that little extra mile and adding a personal touch to all your dealings with clients – from gifting promotional material when closing a deal to simply remembering to say ‘thank you’, will make all the difference.  A little gratitude goes a long way, and your residents and prospects will remember the way you made the feel. 

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