Keep Your Customers Content

Keep Your Customers Content

Where would your business be if it weren’t for your customers?

Sure, you have put so much money, hard work, and time into ensuring you create a good enough product or service that will sell, and while you should be extremely proud of yourself, there’s another person to thank, and that’s your customers.

If you don’t have many customers, how are you going to make a living? There will be no one to purchase what you’re selling, and that’s what really makes you successful.

But if you notice you’re lacking in that department, you should make it your goal to cater to what your target audience needs.

While you should always make your brand say a lot about what you do and why, you also need to bear in mind who you’re trying to sell to.

You want your customers to see your business, and be immediately drawn to it. They should feel as though they need you, and once that need has been filled – they want you, and keep coming back.

So how do you keep your customers content, while ensuring you reach your way to success and bring in a decent income that gives you a comfortable lifestyle?

Here are all the tips that you need.

The communication

You always want to make sure that you’re available to reach. You should give your customers the option of calling you, and emailing you, but if you want to go that step further, then install the option of a chatbot.

These are great, because as you know you cant be available 24 hours a day – you have to sleep sometime! But this is where the chatbots help you with that, as they can always be there ready and waiting to assist a potential customer.

You can go as far as programming them to reply to specific questions that your customers may have, so that they provide them with the appropriate solution.

And not only that, but they can even lead you to have possible sales by showing customers where to go on your site, as well updating them with any new products you have, and any offers that you have going on at that time.

So if you want to make sure you cover as many areas as you can when you’re available, and when you aren’t – chatbots can really fill that gap for you.

The website

When building your website, it is very important that you make everything accessible and easy to use. This is why you need to make sure you have the best Web Design that will guide you through this process.

A very common mistake that a lot of businesses make, is by overcompensating on their website. They assume that the more you have going on – the more exciting and interesting it will look. But in fact, this is incorrect.

When you have a busy site, your customers will feel lost and maybe even a little frustrated because they aren’t sure where they’re supposed to look or go to, to find the answers they were originally after.

So don’t be afraid of blank spaces. It won’t look empty – it’ll look organised. Your welcome page should be simple, telling people a bit about what your business is.

You should them allow them to delve deeper if they wish, with tags that lead them onto your products, and any other details and information you feel is important.

The service

The customer service that you provide, is how most people will judge whether they want to do business with you again, or not.

While your product or service itself may be the thing to draw in a brand new customer – the way you deal with them and their transaction is what will decipher whether you’re good enough to go back to.

So you need to be very careful with how you handle situations, especially if there’s a problem. You want your consumers to know that you care, and that you put them first, so if a problem arises, you should deal with it as soon as you possibly can.

Don’t brush it under the rug, or think that now you have their money – their opinion no longer matters. This is an ignorant and poor attitude to have, and you obviously aren’t thinking further down the line.

If a customer isn’t happy with a product, or your delivery time, or your communication with them – deal with it and make sure that it never happens again. If someone is seriously upset, think of how you can make it up to them.

The deals

What better way to entice new customers, and maintaining the relationships you have with your regulars, than by throwing in those exciting gifts we call deals.

There are plenty of different deals that you can give your customers, it just depends on what you think works best for you, as well as the timing of it all.

You need to be smart, and don’t bite off more than you can chew, so this means don’t offer people 50% off on items if you can’t afford that, because while you may be making more sales, you won’t be earning a profit.

If you have stock that you know needs moving before you can get any more products in, then those can be the things that you’re selling off easily, because you know that you need them gone.

One good trick that you can do, that won’t lose you too much money, while still being able to draw in a larger audience, is by offering free delivery for the next 24 hours.

This puts fair pressure on others to purchase within the same day, so you will have a lot of people coming to visit your site, and you don’t miss out on a lot, other than a few pounds for each purchase made. It’s a win-win situation.

Now you have a few of the best ideas, see how you can implement them into your own business so that you make the best impressions on those important customers.

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