5 Ideas To Go Green & Save Your Business Money

Go Green

Whether you’re a new startup or an established mid-sized business, you’ll likely welcome the idea of saving your company money. Perhaps you’ve tried cutting your expenses and using financial planning applications?

Adopting greener solutions is not just great for the planet, but it’s also great for your business bank balance. There are plenty of ways that eco practices can help your business save and improve; let’s take a closer look.

1 . Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is all about the procedures which are used to define and monitor the quality of an environment. Environmental monitoring is designed to lessen the damage that humans cause to the natural environment around them.

EM procedures are particularly recommended for construction or industrial business sites, which may release toxic substances into the air. An Environmental Monitoring assessment focuses on areas such as asbestos management, air quality monitoring, investigation of contaminated land, noise assessments, or dust monitoring.

Failure to adhere to the correct environmental laws can land your business with some hefty fines. From a financial perspective it’s important to keep things above board.

2. Renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are one of the best ways to save your business money and contribute to the protection of the planet. Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy solution for both businesses and homeowners.

Solar panel systems also go by the name of photovoltaics, which utilize the sun’s rays with photovoltaic cells. According to Energy Saving Trust, a solar PV system can save up to 1.6 tonnes of carbon every year.

3. Green Roofing 

Every aspect of your building design should be as eco-friendly as possible. One of the key areas which lends itself well to eco-design is your roof. There are different types of green roofing available, and you can even invest in a special type of bio-diverse roofing system.

A green roof needs plenty of moisture, sun, and adequate drainage. AAC Waterproofing specializes in both green and flat roofing designs. They have the expertise to install a fully efficient green roofing system from the base waterproofing to the planted covering.

4. Waste Management

If you seek to improve your waste management operations, you’ll save money and go greener too. Perhaps your production processes are producing too much waste? If so, take another look at your orders to determine where you’re going wrong.

When it comes to waste management, there are certain compliances and laws to adhere too. Whether it’s electronic items or food, a waste disposal service can ensure that you correctly dispose of every type of waste.

5. Green Web Hosting

Most modern businesses rely heavily on the Internet, and the problem is that data centers consume huge amounts of energy. These centers are used so regularly that they require cooling systems to manage the heat which is generated.

Green web hosting companies use special policies that pay carbon offsetting schemes. For every unit of energy that they use up, the company pays to create this amount in a renewable form. Examples of green web hosting companies include Green Geeks, Dream Host, and HostGator.

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