Urban Planning: A Job For The Future

Urban Planning: A Job For The Future

The world continues to grow in population. As such, individuals face more and more competition when it comes to the job market, all the while cities get denser and space gets tighter.

There is a way to “kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak, and that’s getting an education in urban planning. Those with an interest in urbanization policy and urban growth can help make cities more efficient for an expanding population, and further their career, by attaining a master’s in urban planning.

So what exactly is an urban planning education?

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Broadly put, an urban planning education is the practice of learning urban theory and the professional practices that surround it. The interaction between public officials, city planners, and the public involves an ongoing process, and an education in urban planning studies all aspects that go into these interactions.

Urban planning programs are typically housed as a part of other departments, usually under an architecture school or public policy school. Generally speaking, urban planning programs in architecture schools tend to focus on the physical planning and design or a city, while those in policy schools tend to focus on policy and interaction.

Where can you get an education in urban planning?

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While there are many places that offer a world class education, this is one of those degrees where studying abroad can often offers greater benefits than studying in your home country. This is due to the different architecture and policies that students would experience overseas, and the exposure to international cities tends to offer the varied experience that employers look for.

Imagine studying in London, and learning how it handled the population growing 27% in just ten years, to 8 million people. Or how that education would change if it was in Dubai, which has doubled in population in ten years, and has some of the top master of urban planning ranking schools in the world.

What are your career prospects after studying this subject?

The world’s population will always need individuals who are versed in urban planning and management. As such, an individual with a master’s in urban planning will have a wide variety of fields and jobs available to them. These are broken into two sectors; public and private.

Most recent graduates will find more employers in the public sector, as private sector positions often require more experience. Those in the public sector can expect to work with local departments and major public bodies, and the work will be more generalised at first. For those in the private sector, the opportunities become more specialized, such as urban regeneration or planning law.

So if you are the type of individual who is fascinated by how cities work, and how efficient (or inefficient) they are built up, then an education in urban planning might just be for you.

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