Building Blocks For Your Dream Home

Building Blocks For Your Dream Home

Thanks to social media, when we see a to-die-for kitchen, gorgeous living room or beautiful poolside lounge, we immediately think about remodelling!

Incredible DIY, or 360 degree home transformations have never been more popular thanks to shows like DIY SOS, Grand Designs, Amazing Spaces and Homes Under The Hammer.

Allocate A Budget

Building Blocks For Your Dream Home

Firstly, budgets aren’t just for fun they’re a very real way of making sure that you stay on track, stick to the schedule and above all don’t spend more than you can afford.

Work out how much you’re willing to put into achieving your property dreams as building costs are often double what you’re originally quoted.

You need to understand where every penny of your money is going, as well as being given a chance to discuss alternative cash saving options.

For instance, when installing your farmhouse kitchen you might have your heart set on real granite worktops, but the budget may only allow for granite effect counters.

Forget Pinterest Pipe Dreams

While you may desire a Malibu style mansion in the heart of leafy Surrey your bank balance, the neighbour’s fence and the local council may not allow it.

Not every house can have an infinity pool, floor to ceiling glass walls and remote controlled blinds. Remember, Pinterest photos are often from interior catalogues that have created a look to entice buyers to choose products.

Very few homes are as clean, tidy and well organised in real life as what they appear to be in the pages of Elle Decoration. Be realistic with what you’re trying to do; it’s fine to draw inspiration from when you were a child but recreating the Barbie dream house may prove to be one step too far!

Check The Rules

Building Blocks For Your Dream Home

While you may own the plot of land you plan to build your house on; it is worth remembering that local councils also need to have a say on what’s built in case it affects the local area.

Do you need a planning application map? If the answer is yes, it’s vital you include the correct supporting information for a planning application to avoid having your request delayed or turned down.

For example, if you were a property developer interested in building many houses the map would need to show what the area’s being used for, any roads, buildings, significant or natural landmarks that are nearby and boundary lines indicating where your land ends.

Domestic applications are often much less complicated, but it is nonetheless paramount you check the rules and regulations of your local council.

Expect Lengthy Delays

What can we say? Real building work is nothing like what you see on TV where slow, or boring days are conveniently edited out, and an entire seventy strong team of tradespeople are quietly employed to remodel a home successfully.

Inclement weather, financial problems, and supply line disruptions are usually the most common reasons for delays, so the best thing you can do is speak to your building team about when they expect the work to be completed.

While delays are often unavoidable if it seems like things are moving too slowly for your liking don’t be afraid to ask for an explanation.

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