DIY That Could Turn Out Expensive If You Try Them Yourself

DIY That Could Turn Out Expensive If You Try Them Yourself

Performed in the right environment, DIY should be a challenging and rewarding experience but often it descend s into an increasingly maddening task, leaving you at your wits end!

While many tasks are relatively easy to follow with sufficient common sense and the internet ready to assist, there are certainly some areas where you should stay away from.

Here are our suggestions…

Heavy Plumbing

Kicking things off on our list of DIY not to attempt is heavy plumbing work, which has the potential to damage not just your plumbing infrastructure, but your entire house and personal safety if the DIY ends up a disaster.

Picture coming back to your home from a holiday, only to discover that your kitchen, bathroom or entire house is knee-deep in water. Aside from the initial clean-up that is required, water damage in a property can cause lasting and structural damage, potentially costing you a huge amount of money.

If you attempt to replace a leaky tap or showerhead, then the possible repercussions are relatively minor, but heavy plumbing should always be performed by an experienced professional.

Roof repairs

If you notice any problems with your roof, then it may be tempting to grab the nearest ladder and head up for a look.

Not only are roof repairs particularly difficult to fix without the necessary equipment, but not having the experience and knowledge of staying safe at that height can be extremely dangerous.

Roof repairs are only likely to get worse, so a smart move is to get a professional in as soon as you notice any leaks or damage.


DIY That Could Turn Out Expensive If You Try Them Yourself

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It should go without saying that any work involving electricity should never be attempted if you are not sufficiently trained and experienced to do the job.

Sadly however, deaths via electrocution do continue to happen in the UK and the rest of the world. Staying safe when it comes to electrical products can often be overlooked, so ensuring you and your family all know the basics of electrical safety is a smart idea.


Along the same lines as electrical work, DIY gas projects gone wrong can have just as devastating consequences if attempted by an individual who is not up to the job.

Even tasks that appear fairly straightforward, such as replacing or installing a Tracpipe system, is best left to an expert.

Large Tree Felling

Have you been eyeing up that huge conifer in your garden that needs cutting down? Does it look like a simple and innocuous job? While there is often little danger in felling smaller trees, for anything larger it is important not to underestimate the job.

Not only can a large tree be difficult to predict where it will fall, but the weight and direction of its fall can often take an inexperienced tree-cutter by surprise, which can have terrible consequences.

With large trees, it is simply not worth taking the risk of it damaging you or your property.

Stay safe out there folks; stick with DIY that is within your comfort zone and you should be absolutely fine.

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