Have An Edge: Getting Ahead Of The Marketing Curve

Have An Edge: Getting Ahead Of The Marketing Curve

Marketing is such a fickle mistress that it’s a job in itself to keep up to date.

You can spend money and time investing in tech, but there are some more personal and human approaches to undertake.

We need a sense of intimacy with our customers, what they habitually go for in terms of their choice of platforms, and how they like to purchase their products.

Ironically, undertaking a human approach to interacting with your customer base is all about a few handy digital ones…

SEO And Content

Every item content you develop has to be optimised accordingly so that the rankings are boosted. You need to make sure that your ranking on the SERP is high so that its relevance is maintained.

There are helping hands you can take advantage of, such as agencies that specialise in organic search functions, like SMR Digital, but it’s important to remember that the SEO and the content have to work together, not separately.

You can do this by examining how your customers interact with your content and material. For example, finding out what devices they use to read your material, as well as the overall impression of your brand.

From this, you can set some appropriate goals for your content, and see how much further up the rankings your site goes.


A lot has been spoken of artificial intelligence in recent years. While it raises many questions from the perspective of human workers, artificial intelligence could be the key to improving economic growth.

While it could never replace human marketing tactics, you can use artificial intelligence in tandem with creative marketing ideas, helping your workers to organise and structure their marketing more effectively.

We’ve seen what’s CRM can do for certain back-office functions, now it’s time for artificial intelligence to help with the rest.

The Internet Of Things

This is a very good strategy to implement with regards to mobile devices. Using the Internet of Things to help monitor the methods in which customers interact with your content, will help you improve your traffic and conversion rates.

But remember, it’s not just smartphones, there are more mobile devices now, such as smartwatches or fitness trackers. Throw into the mix voice search functions, which is used by 40% of adults and 55% of youths, and you’ve got a lot to contend with.

By making your content more accessible on every single type of device is going to gather a more comprehensive set of results.

Data And Personification

Working to make your brand stand out is a far more difficult task now, and personification is the key to humanising yourself and building that bridge between business and customer.

Using data to help you understand your customers better is going to be the most essential process you could ever undertake. Looking at personal data, and gathering statistics, as well as uncovering industry trends, are all important undertakings need to be done.

Staying ahead of the competition is a never-ending task, but to give you that edge, you have to use these methods.

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