How The Consistency Of A Graphic Designer Can Transform Your Business Image

How The Consistency Of A Graphic Designer Can Transform Your Business Image - Image From

When small businesses first form, the important positions that come to most entrepreneur’s minds are the director, CEO, chairman, investor, marketer, and the sales team.

However, the flow of university art students has not declined, but rather steadily increased. Most want to turn their hand to animation in movies, venture into video games or stick to the classic, waterfront oil painting to see at auction.

However, most small business owners overlook the position artists can play in the world of ecommerce and product design.

Graphic designers are capable of communicating your ethos, vision, and inspiration, into an image that projects with great intensity, exactly everything that you’re about.

They should play an equal part in the boardroom or managerial meetings with the staff. They can bring to life your business, in the form of entertainment and the impact of this medium cannot be underestimated.

First impressions

Consumers live busy lives, and they don’t have time to sit through and read every product description, every businesses company statement, etc.

The first thing people see when they look at your business, is the logo design, and colour scheme. Whether it’s a website or the logo in an email signature, customers will inevitably judge a book by its cover when they’re browsing.

A high-quality design gives business credibility; it exudes professionalism and creativity. Regardless, how great your product or service is, a cheap, generic and simple design is unlikely to persuade people to click on your business.

Becoming a staple in the market

How The Consistency Of A Graphic Designer Can Transform Your Business Image

Your business must aim to become a recognisable figure in its field. A solid graphic design provides a business with a brand image.

Customers will take notice of the precise colours, the font, imagery, curves and straight edges and the general tone of the business, just by examining the logo.

If you’re in ecommerce, the importance of a strong app icon couldn’t put the stakes higher. The logo is like the company mascot; it should be bold and symbolise what you stand for and what you provide.

For example, the McAfee logo became a staple in the antivirus world for its large capital M in strong red colour; which gave the brand a masculine and aggressive tone.

Saving money while being consistent

Outsourcing logo or other graphic designs are one more way for the dilution process to begin. By not having an in-house designer, you’re relying on a freelancer to adhere to specific requests that look so much better in your head.

There’s simply no substitute for a member of your team who is inside the hive, inside your business, working there day after day.

The company ethos, soaks into their skin, they become more in tune with the brand’s way of thinking, they’re more connected with the consumer base.

An extra headache of not having your own designer is that you have to hire a new design team each time you want to change the look of your website, logo, and or product.

The colour scheme, fonts, and intricate design can so easily get lost in translation. A new team is a set of new people who have different personalities and whom you aren’t familiar with.

Inconsistencies in design can and do crop up when people at the very heart of your business change, and customers may not even recognise your logo or brand if this gets out of hand.

Don’t let the ball run to begin with, by hiring your own graphic designer, your vision seeps into their mind and what’s in your mind’s eye has a higher chance of coming to life through them.

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