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How To Earn Extra Cash From EBay

How To Earn Extra Cash From EBay

Summer is soon upon us and it is nearly vacation time. Are you in need of extra spending money this summer. Have you thought about selling on eBay?

Ebay is one quick and easy way to make a little extra cash this summer with minimal effort involved on your part.

You don’t need a whole amount of time to make money on eBay simply set aside a couple of hours a day and your off to a good start.  Here are a few useful tips to help get you started on your eBay journey and how to improve your sales.

Before you start selling anything you need an account. If you do not already have one set one up and start off as a buyer so you can learn how it works and build up feedback (to gain trust). Next do your research and get an idea of what products sell well. You can use apps like Terapeak for information and insights on what the top selling items are on eBay.

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You don’t need to go investing in thousands of pounds’ worth of stock. Simply start by having a good clear out around the house and you will be surprised what you find. Beware of the items condition, for example’ if you have books and clothes in great condition or new even these will sell for a lot higher price, then items that are used and damaged.

When it comes to listing the item don’t forget to use high-quality attractive photos. Don’t use dark or blurry photos and try to photograph the item in a nice setting. People like to know their second-hand item is coming from a good clean home. The quantity of photos you use is also extremely important: basically the more the merrier.

Describe the product in as much detail as you can. This is not the time to be brief. Use targeted keywords as much as possible. Be careful of spelling mistakes as these may lead to you getting a lower price as your listing will be exposed to fewer people.

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When it comes to setting the price of larger items like furniture make sure you do your research first. See what similar items are selling for on eBay and other websites like gumtree and craigslist and compare it to how much it cost you to buy the item new. Also beware that eBay has fees that you need to pay on each item sold and the same goes for PayPal.

You will then need to get the items to your customers. Don’t forget to include posting costs in the listing as you don’t want to make any sort of loss. You can use your local post office for small items and if you are selling big and heavy items you can use websites like Shiply to find suitable couriers.

Once the transaction is complete make sure to leave the customer feedback as this will prompt them to leave you feedback in return. If they do not, then simply ask them to leave you feedback.

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