How To Ensure That Your Employees Are Happy In Their Workplace To Boost Productivity

How To Ensure That Your Employees Are Happy In Their Workplace To Boost Productivity

Studies show that a happy employee is 12% more productive in the workplace.

With only 48% of them surveyed to be content where they work, businesses will not be getting all that they can from their team members.

Therefore it’s worth investing in the welfare and wellbeing of each member of staff so that they are a productive part of your company.

The following are some key areas, which as an employer you have the power to change, and have been proven to affect a person’s satisfaction in their job.

Their Support, Training And Knowledge

How To Ensure That Your Employees Are Happy In Their Workplace To Boost Productivity

First and foremost, an employee wants to feel valued by their employer, and an essential part of the team. Investing in a team member’s development and training will not only benefit the business with a highly qualified member of staff, but will also ensure that the employee feels appreciated, and understands that they are an important asset to the company.

Take a look at this infographic to help you boost employee engagement: Investing your time and money in the longevity of the journey that staff will work for you will reduce your business’ outgoings in the future.

It’s crucial that each member of the team knows where to go to seek help and support, both for business related issues, and for personal matters that are happening outside of the office, and may be affecting their work and progress.

By keeping a constant and open line of communication with your staff, you’ll be able to understand why targets may not be being reached, and if there seems to be a drop in employee performance.

Aside from regular company meetings; one to one catch-ups with a senior member of staff are said to boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence in the workplace. A consistent exchange of information is also an effective way to communicate any constructive criticism, to help the employee develop, in a manner that doesn’t feel intimidating.

Their Environment And Atmosphere

How To Ensure That Your Employees Are Happy In Their Workplace To Boost Productivity

If your staff members are dreading coming into the workplace, due to the uncomfortable temperature or the miserable lighting, they will already be in an unproductive mood when they begin their day. Therefore, it’s essential that you invest in the basics, to create a pleasant working environment.

On hot, humid days throughout the summer months, look into air conditioning rental so that concentration levels remain high, and the business can function as normal.

If your company doesn’t have the benefit of enough natural lighting; figure out what the best source of artificial lighting is for the space, and prevent a dull workspace and reduce the risk of headaches among the team.

Although you’ll want to maintain a professional working atmosphere throughout the day, you have to bear in mind that each person spends a large proportion of their week at work, so they’re going to appreciate a positive atmosphere when they’re doing their job.

Studies have shown that time away from the computer screen, and inviting scenes to look at, reduce fatigue and stress in an employee; so consider investing in your office interior, and ensuring people get regular respite throughout their day.

The happier your business environment is to work in, the more productivity it will achieve.

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