HR: Boost Your Department’s Efficiency

HR: Boost Your Department’s Efficiency

Mountains of files, masses of emails and endless streams of employees with new and complex problems – it’s just another day at the office for a human resources professional.

Indeed, the HR department in any workplace is always unappreciated. While the core members of a workforce are the faces in front of the camera, the HR department are the people behind the scenes ensuring that your workplace runs without a hitch.

Yet the workload of those on the administrative frontline is pushing them to the limit.

Some offices will trim HR departments to their very essence, forcing their meagre numbers of staff into more work than they can handle.

But the further HR is pushed, the less successful your company will be.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top strategies to keep your HR department at the top of its game. Take a look.

Pay the quick way

HR: Boost Your Department’s Efficiency

Gone are the days when the payroll took days to calculate and process, monopolising an HR department’s time with more administrative gumph than a Kafka novel.

Now, in the hi-tech digital age, payroll software has been evolving at a rapid rate. No longer is it little more than a dull-as-ditch-water, unintuitive spreadsheet. As technology evolves, the payroll has moved to the bleeding edge of innovation.

Cloud payroll is the latest leap forward. While the Cloud might sound as though it’s from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, it’s actually a giant, external hard drive located securely on the web.

Your HR staff will be able to burn through the payroll in record time, even from a remote location. So get the latest in techy goodness installed for your staff.

Time to chat

HR: Boost Your Department’s Efficiency

The human touch is sorely lacking when it comes to HR. Trapped behind the cold affectation of a computer screen, there’s no room for empathy when typing to employees via Skype.

Yet a lack of face-to-face interaction could lead to a less cohesive team. To inculcate a sense of belonging, ensure your HR staff remains in contact with employees.

This can be done with team-building opportunities or even a simple work’s night out.

Staff in the know

In the hurry scurry life of your workplace, some employees won’t quite value how much your HR team are doing. And in their hurry, they might give these busy admin workers more than they can chew.

Impress the importance of properly filled out paperwork to your core staff. That way, your HR department will enjoy a little bit of leeway – and avoid a nasty backlog.

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