Is Your Office Space Discouraging Productivity?

Is Your Office Space Discouraging Productivity?

Happiness at work is a key factor that helps to increase an employee’s productivity.

An office environment which promotes a negative working culture or makes employees feel down or depressed whilst at work, this can impact on their productivity levels and have a negative influence on company output levels.

With this in mind, here are the key things you need to consider when it comes to finding an office space which is suitable for your company:


Is Your Office Space Discouraging Productivity?

Depending on the type of industry which you work in, the type of office space you have can say a lot about your business. In creative industries, it’s vital that you have a trendy office space in order to attract young talent and keep up with the competition in your industry.

The location of your office can add or detract from the prestige of your company, attracting or putting off potential clients depending on where it is based, so bear this in mind when relocating or searching for a potential office space.


The productivity levels of your business can increase or decrease as a result of the working environment. An office space which is open plan with plenty of natural daylight is proven to increase the happiness levels of the workforce and promote a better culture within the office.

A study by the University of Texas found that bland office spaces induced feelings of sadness in employees and drained productivity levels, highlighting that brighter colours and increased daylight do help to boost productivity.

Stress Reduction

Is Your Office Space Discouraging Productivity?

Often workspaces without windows can be very draining for employees and promote a negative work culture. Natural light is proven to increase happiness levels and can be really beneficial to your employees as it’s important to their health.

If your office space has a scenic view this is also found to contribute to happiness and help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety which work may bring on.

With GVA you can find the ideal property space and location for your business to ensure that it’s operating at the most productive and efficient levels as possible.

Open Plan

Is Your Office Space Discouraging Productivity?

Encouraging your employees to socialise with one another by having an open plan office space contributes to a much more unified workforce.

Once your employees bond with one another its highly likely that the output will be much stronger as a result of the improved work relationships, meaning only good things for the future of your business.

With all these factors to take into account, do you need to make some changes to your office space to increase productivity? Make the above changes today.

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