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Moving House On A Budget

Moving House On A Budget

The accrual of expenses during the house selling and moving process is inevitable, but there are plenty of ways you can keep these costs to a minimum simply by planning ahead.


If you’ve found your dream home but yours simply doesn’t seem to be budging on the market, services like WeBuyAnyHouse can be a great way to save money on traditional estate agency fees.

Although you might not get the full market value for your home, you’ll receive up to 90% along with significantly reduced agency fees and completion (including the money in your account) within just 14 days.

Placing the money in your account so quickly not only means you can secure your dream home quickly, it also gives you a bit of spare cash to get the ball rolling in terms of arranging removals and internet installation etc.


Moving House On A Budget

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It doesn’t matter if you’re moving five miles or 500 miles, the majority of people try their best to avoid shelling out on professional movers in favour of the DIY removal team.

Family and friends may be cheaper, wanting no more than a brew and a chocolate biscuit as payment for their services, but they’re not necessarily the quickest or most efficient.

Getting your entire family to consolidate their schedules to ensure they’re all available for an entire day on a specific date can be pretty difficult and even if you do have 10 cars at your disposal, it’s never going to be easy to transport everything you need safely.

Removal teams on the other hand are fast, have a van, bring the correct tools, can carry multiple large pieces of furniture and transport them securely and will have everything out of your current home and into your new on in no time.

Rather than spreading the moving process over a few days, with professional removal teams you can be into your new home and unpacked within just a few hours so in many respects, it definitely works out cheaper – especially in terms of time and effort.

Saving on common moving expenses

It’s the simple moving expenses that seem to add up the fastest, but by thinking ahead, it’s really easy to keep these costs from building up.


It’s common for people to underestimate the amount they actually have to pack and it’s not until you really start emptying cupboards that haven’t been opened for years, that you start to realise the true scale of the task ahead.

By collecting packing materials early you’ll avoid the need to go out and spend money on more boxes on moving day. Ask family, friends or even your work place whether you can take boxes from them.

It’s also a common known fact that supermarkets will let their boxes go for free to, just make sure you ask a supervisor before hauling a load into the boot of your car.


Moving House On A Budget - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

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Moving is probably the only time you have to sit down and look at everything you have at any one time which means it’s a great way to get rid of those things you’ve not used for a while.

Whether you choose to give your things away to friends, family or charity, or make yourself a bit of extra cash using online selling sites or car boot sales, it’s a great way of saving yourself the hassle of moving things you no longer want or need.

Professional movers

Using a professional removal team is guaranteed to make the whole moving process faster and easier, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend the earth.

Make sure you do your research into the best companies around. Ask your family and friends for recommendations of local services that have been quick, efficient and affordable.

Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member moving in the same weekend as you, approach companies about referral discounts – i.e. you’ll get your friend to move with them too if they’ll offer a service discount.

Utilities, internet & TV

Sorting the essentials like utilities, TV and internet connections before you move means you won’t be left waiting for weeks once you’ve moved in and as a consequence means you won’t jump into the first deal you see.

Instead, you can spend a little time searching the internet to ensure you get the best deal available and that you can get each on installed as close to your move-in date as possible.

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