Organisational Culture: The Buzzword That’s Grown In Importance

Organisational Culture: The Buzzword That's Grown In Importance

One of the most frustrating things in business is when something becomes a buzzword and thus loses some of its meaning.

Overuse something and it naturally becomes diluted. This is exactly what has happened with organisational culture, something that has become increasingly important as time has gone on.

The reason this is so important is simple: the benefits of knowing exactly what your company’s unified culture represents in terms of the values you identify with, the top talent you manage to retain and your brand identity.

But if we asked how you would improve your company’s organisational culture tomorrow, what would you say? Exactly. That is why we have pulled together a list of tips to help you reap the rewards of a good corporate culture.

Stop Talking, Start Listening

Nothing is going to have as much success as allowing your employee’s opinions to be heard and then put into action. It is giving your lower-level employees the chance to voice their ideas to management. Do this and you will keep your employees; don’t and they will disengage.

Let Your Employees In

If you can create a culture where everyone is part of a shared goal then you will find something incredible happens to the attitude of your staff; they will stop feeling like a number and start feeling like a team member.

Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce, and a quarter of this group say their career priority is to have a positive impact on their company.

Transparency Is The Key

Ask any HR consulting services what is most important when improving organisational culture and they will tell you it’s trust – and nothing builds trust faster than transparency.

That is what employees want. They want to know their livelihood is in safe hands, and that means being able to cast their own judgement using all the information possible.

They want to know what is happening at the highest level – the corporate level – which can be done easily with just a weekly email. Trust us, your entire workforce will be more inspired.

Don’t Just Reward, Reward Aptly

It is way too easy to throw employee perks and rewards out that have little meaning, but this is a hugely missed opportunity.

Instead of just handing out rewards to employees that perform well, hand out rewards that represent the culture you want to create.

Know who you are rewarding. For example, Millennials prefer experiences to things, which means you can hand out theatre tickets instead of just money. As a result, your employee turnover will reduce and productivity will increase.

Help Them Develop

People want to know you care about them, which is why you should invest in the personal development. Give them the chance to better themselves.

By letting your staff know that you are invested in their growth will create a culture of loyalty, and that will go a long way toward improving your bottom line. If you want career employees, this is the way to get them (and keep them).

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