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Five Frugal Purchases To Help You Save Money

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Sometimes, you have to spend a little if you want to save a lot.

Buying something that’s high quality and genuinely useful can pay you back many times over – and is a great way to benefit from a little retail therapy in a more sustainable way. Here are five of our favourite purchases that can help you save.

Slow cooker

Imagine dumping your favourite protein, veg and liquid into a pot at the start of the day and coming home to a simmering casserole. A slow cooker makes dinner this simple, meaning you can pick up cheap pulses and veg and create varied and nutritious meals. Even better, it buys you back a few precious minutes so that you can spend time unwinding rather than cooking after work.

Travel mug and water bottle

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional coffee shop treat, but if you’re constantly buying drinks while out and about, it soon adds up. Grab yourself a coffee mug with a lid and a water bottle and you never need to worry about being caught thirsty again. You can also take your reusable coffee cup into lots of café chains for a discount on your hot drink.

High quality wardrobe essentials

Fast fashion is terrible for the environment and pretty bad for you wallet, too. Clothes that cost a few quid fall apart pretty quickly, leaving you to cough up for a replacement. Investing in higher quality basics from ethical clothing chains will make your wardrobe far more sustainable. If you’re planning to spend more money replacing your clothes with better quality alternatives, spend some time thinking about what essentials you’re most likely to wear. Whether it’s jeans, a little black dress or even just some comfy t-shirts, the key is to go for items you’ll wear over and over again.

DIY beauty products

If you put a lot of time and money into your appearance, then it may be worth looking at what you can do for yourself at home. Some gel nail polishes in your favourite colours plus a curing lamp would quickly pay for itself since you won’t have to visit the salon – and there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you perfect your nail painting techniques. Similarly, those with short and simple hair cuts will save by buying a pair of clippers and finding a friend with a steady hand!

Low flow showerheads

Eco shower heads can reduce your water consumption by as much as 40%, making them a no-brainer for anyone with a water meter. They’re cheap enough to buy outright and easy to fit – and in many cases you can actually get water saving devices from your utilities company free of charge. Head to the Save Water Save Money charity website to find out more about what’s available and how you can save. There’s also information about subsidised waterbutts, a great way of saving water (and cash) if you do a lot of gardening.

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