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The Best Online Alternatives To Ebay For Buying And Selling

The Best Online Alternatives To Ebay For Buying And Selling - eBay

Whether you’re looking to buy an irresistible bargain, or trying to shift some unwanted goods, your online go-to has always been internet auction house, eBay.

In fact, at one point, your only alternatives were to pop a card in the newsagent’s window, take out a classified ad, send a round robin email, or add details to your forum signature.

But this is the internet we’re talking about – the free marketplace of ideas (and rip-offs). So, if you’re looking to earn a quick buck, or get a special something at a special price, it’s worth checking out…

Facebook Marketplace

A new kid on the block, Mark Zuckerberg’s social empire continues to grow with the addition of Facebook Marketplace.

Running like a traditional classified ads board, there’s no bidding wars here – that might take the fun out of it for serial eBayers, but it’s ideal when you want to buy or sell in a hurry.

Search the marketplace and you’ll see ad details and images for all sorts – from laptops to cars. Setting up an ad is as straight forward as you’d expect from Facebook, and if you’re buying, simply message the seller.

It’s essentially Gumtree, but linked to your Facebook app, so it has billions more users to whom you can advertise your bits and bobs.

The Best Online Alternatives To Ebay For Buying And Selling

One for book-lovers everywhere – if you’ve amassed a library-worth of books and don’t fancy carting them down to the local charity shop, check out

The website does exactly what it says on the tin. Simply enter a book’s ISBN – or scan the barcode with the app – and the site will tell you how much they’ll buy it off you for. And you might be surprised as to which ones earn you the most money (it’s not just the rare ones).

Once you’ve loaded up your basket, just box up all those old paperbacks and arrange for a collection. When the company’s in receipt of your books, they’ll credit your account.

If We Buy Books don’t accept certain titles, try the similar service Ziffit, who also accept DVDs and  games – they may pay less, but it’s better than your stuff gathering dust in the attic.

Clothes 4 Cash

The Best Online Alternatives To Ebay For Buying And Selling

Cash 4 Clothes is another ‘does what it says on the tin’ business, which sees you bag up all those outfits you never wear any more. The company will then pick them up, and pay you based on weight.

There isn’t a single company running the initiative – rather, different operators offer clothes collections across the country – so you’ll want to search for a ‘Cash 4 Clothes’ business in your area.

If you’re lucky enough to have several businesses near you, look for the one that pays the most. You won’t be able to sell them everything (so keep those undies in the drawer or bin, please), but for everyday wear, you could net a pretty penny.

The Best Online Alternatives To Ebay For Buying And Selling - Plane

Booked a holiday you can’t make? You can sell it on via Transfer Travel (which, incredibly, transfers your travel), whether it’s a flight, hotel, cruise or even a full package holiday.

Transfer Travel literally calls itself ‘the eBay of holidays’. Just post your flight, accommodation or even full-package hotel and others can make an offer on your hols.

That’s a lot better than losing all that money, or navigating the hasslesome world of holiday refunds. Better yet, the site is ideal If you’re looking to save anywhere from 30 to 60% on your next trip away. You can also make some great savings on festival and rail tickets too.


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