Broadband Data Exceeded Usage Fees By Provider

There are still a number of UK broadband operators in the UK that sell capped broadband packages with a fee for excess usage.

These products could potentially be useful if you are a very light user and want to save a little money, but consumers should beware: if you go over the cap you WILL be charged an excess fee, and operators seem to be very aggressively upholding these fees – even in situations where the fees reach astronomical amounts.

A couple of days ago we posted about how a UK Mum who was charged £350 by BT Broadband for going over their 30 GB broadband data cap.

The Guardian reported another example earlier this year of a grandmother in the UK being charged an obscene £5,000 – again, by BT Broadband – for going over her data cap.

We thought we would compare the worst offenders for broadband data excess fees among the UK broadband operators.

A quick note: although a cheaper capped broadband plan might be right for some very light users, you could get stung – and stung hard – if you go over the limits.

Broadband Data Exceeded Fees by Operators

Which broadband operators charge the highest fees if you go over your data cap? Check the table below.

Highest priced excess fees and companies with an unclear pricing policy are listed at the top of the table.

ProviderCap sizePrice per GB over limit
BT Broadband30GB£2.20
Sky Broadband12GB / 25GBPrice not listed on website
EENo caps/limits£0.00
PlusnetNo caps/limits£0.00
TalkNo caps/limits£0.00

Information correct as of 6th January 2019.

As you can see from the table, the worst offenders are BT – who have the highest listed charges – and Sky – who don’t appear to even list their excess fees on their websites or in their terms and conditions.

We contacted Sky via Twitter in an attempt to get the exact figure and to push them to put the price on their website, but unfortunately the representative we spoke to did not know that the fees existed and did not offer any assistance.

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