Nearly Half A Million Flights Delayed This Summer

Nearly Half A Million Flights Delayed This Summer

With only 5% of passengers claiming back the money they are owed, that is a lot money unclaimed!

Going on holiday should be a relaxing and fun experience. However, noisy neighbours, dodgy meals and severe sunburn can compromise the fun of any holiday but flight delays and cancellations can ruin them.

According to FlightStats, nearly 4,500 flights cancelled across Europe in September 2016 alone with nearly 126,000 delayed. is calling on all passengers to get their hands on the money they deserve from delayed flights, as it was revealed that just under £2 million in refunds is left unclaimed each year. The online compensation service reports that only 5% of travellers ever file a compensation claim themselves, with just 15% of passengers who launch a claim independently managing to win compensation.

Independent claims can be time consuming, stressful and ultimately there is only a small chance you’ll win if you don’t know your consumer rights. Using RefundMyTicket makes it easy and quick to make a claim and get the money you’re owed from flight delays, cancellations and overbookings.

Co-Founder of Romain Drosne commented:

“Flight delays and cancellations can ruin your trip before it’s even begun and travellers simply don’t know that they are owed compensation when this happens to them. Even if they are aware, the process can be long and painful without help. We started¬†¬†to take the hassle out of this and help consumer get their hands on their share of the ¬£2 million in refunds left unclaimed each year.”

Simply go to and in just a few clicks you can find out if you are eligible for compensation and, if so, how much. You will get instant feedback about your case and the compensation you can expect. The process takes only a few minutes and they handle all the paperwork and phone calls, chasing the relevant people and departments to ensure your claim is processed.

Nearly Half A Million Flights Delayed This Summer

To help you understand your rights and get the compensation you deserve we’ve got all the facts you need to know:

  • Delays & Cancellations: If your flight is delayed for three or more hours, cancelled or overbooked you are entitled to claim up to ¬£500, according to European Regulation No 261/2004.This ruling applies to any flights of a European airline or from a European city and depends on the distance of the flight.
  • Stay Refreshed: If you are delayed for over two hours your airline should provide free meals and refreshments to all passengers. Airport restaurants & cafes can be expensive so make sure you ask if voucher are available.
  • A Place to Rest Your Head: In the worst case scenario your flight may be delayed overnight and you won’t be able to travel until the next day. If this happens you must be offered hotel accommodation and transport from the airline.
  • The Technical Bit: Airlines have been known to wriggle their way out of compensation by claiming flights were disrupted by a ‘technical problem’. However, the European Court of Justice recently ruled that airlines can no longer use this as an excuse so don’t be deterred to fight for your compensation.

If you still feel that fighting for compensation is a complicated procedure, then you can get the experts involved. makes it easy and quick to file a claim and get back the money you are owed. We’ve provided some examples below of people who have made successful claims this year.

RefundMyTicket Case Studies

Darren Struwig, 26 from Hackney, London:  

“I have been delayed loads of times but never really thought about claiming back money. Earlier this year my flight back from Spain was over three hours late so I contacted¬†¬†gave them the details and they did everything for me. I wasn’t expecting much but got over ¬£200. It’s well worth checking to see what you are owed.”

Ruth Williams, 42 from Basildon, Essex:

“On a recent family holiday to Rhodes we were delayed for over five hours. We lost a full day of our holiday and it was very difficult sitting in the airport with two children and no information from the airline. We spoke to¬†¬†and were refunded over ¬£400. It was an easy and simple process for us to get back the money we were owed.”

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