Some banking services charge a lot more for currency exchanges, ATM use abroad and spending abroad.

Whether you are spending a week or year abroad, to help you save we have pulled together a list of the best challenger banks and apps for travelling & digital nomads.

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ServiceATM Fees 🌏Spending 🌏More
Revolut£200/€200 FreeFreeMore
MoneseFree – £1/€1Free – £2/€2More
Monzo£200 FreeFreeMore

Starling Bank

Starling have an excellent offering for travelers, offering free ATM withdrawals and card spending abroad.

Starling provide a debit card that you can use for ATM withdrawals and spending abroad.

Starling has the best combined offering of any banking app when looking at international ATM and spending fees, both of which are free.


Revolut is a great service for anyone that does a lot of currency exchanges or spending abroad.

With Revolut you can trade money from one currency to another, spend and transfer money without any fees at live market rates.

You can get a contactless card which you can use to spend around the world without fees and any currency exchanges will be handled automatically.

Users on the free plan can withdraw £200/€200 a month via ATMs around the world without fees, rising to £400/€400 on the premium plan and £600/€600 with the metal plan. After that rate users pay a 2% fee on ATM withdrawals.


Monese is a popular choice with international students and digital nomads that do not have a fixed address.

With Monese you can have accounts in multiple currencies, and spend or make withdrawals around the world with a contactless card.

Fees for ATM withdrawals range from free to £1/€1 per withdrawal.


Monzo are the best known app-based current account service in the UK, with a wide range of features from overdrafts to savings pots, spending targets and a bill tracker.

Set spending targets, get instant payment notifications and see quick overviews of your spending.

The Monzo current account does not offer any interest but makes up for that with a wide ranges of features for budgeting.

Which is the best banking app for travelling in Europe?

If you are planning a trip or long-stay in Europe and want a good bank account that you can use for spending and ATM use, Starling and Revolut both have a great offering.

Starling Bank is our 2020 favourite for spending and ATM use in Europe due to zero fees on either, as well as great Pound to Euro exchange rates.

Update: We have removed N26 as they are no longer offering bank accounts to UK customers.

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