Is Financial Insecurity Your ‘New Normal’?

Broke. Skint. Brassic. Bust. Insolvent. Whatever you call it, it’s official: Financial insecurity is the ‘new normal’ for many Britons.

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Is It Time For Some Debt-Free Breathing Space?

Back in October, the Government announced plans for a six-week ‘breathing space’ for those in debt.

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Is Your New Smart Meter Actually Saving You Money?

Smart meters are being rolled out across the country – if you haven’t had one installed in your home already then chances are you’ll be getting one soon.

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‘Make a Plan’ For Next Christmas Now, Debt Charity Urges

The decorations have come down. The crackers have been pulled. The gifts have been unwrapped. Yes, the festive season is now well and truly over. But as we hurtle into 2018, households are being urged to once again turn their attention to Christmas.

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Christmas Counterfeit Crackdown Carol Released by Intellectual Property Office

It’s always a risk, particularly at Christmas: You buy some named brand goods for an insanely good price… only to find that what you’ve purchased is a cheap knock-off with a dodgy label.

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28% of Brits Complete Christmas Shopping 'Before Ads Are Aired' - M&S Christmas Shopping Paddington Bear Advert

28% Of Brits Complete Christmas Shopping ‘Before Ads Are Aired’

Have you already purchased your Christmas shopping or do you run around last minute panic buying?

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Home Repossessions Rise For The First Time Since 2014 - Image Via Flickr - By WhatScore

Home Repossessions Rise For The First Time Since 2014

So it’s become clear that we’re now looking at the first quarterly increase in home repossessions across the UK since 2014.

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