How To Budget For The Big Day

How To Budget For The Big Day

Would it shock you to believe that the average wedding in the UK is estimated to cost up to £20,000!

So just as the rose tinted glasses fade from the proposal, along comes the huge financial costs that scare you into the reality of having to plan a wedding.

On any other occasion items wouldn’t cost half as much, but as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is involved the price immediately bumps up along with your budget.

But getting your dream day doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune, if you’ve given it plenty of time then cutting the costs can be a simple task, but one that might just include a little extra effort.

Work Out the Cost

Before you even get started on booking the venue it’s time to work out what your wedding is truly going to cost. Because let’s be honest, no two weddings are the same, so depending on the grandeur you’re looking for it could vary massively.

There are a number of tools available such as this one that can help you to see how much on average your wedding may cost. Getting a price in mind will see whether you can afford it, or whether you need to find ways of cutting back.

How To Budget For The Big Day - Wedding Cost Calculator

From this you can make a full list of every element that’s included in a wedding and ask yourself if it’s really needed? There may be things on the list that are simply not necessary and won’t impact the day. Put the elements that matter the most to the top of list and work from there.

Get Crafty

Some items on your wedding list can be cut down drastically by just doing it yourself, or even getting family and friends involved.

Thrifty weddings are becoming a big trend for those that not only wanting a personal touch but also want to cut down the excessive costs of the smaller items.

Invitations, cake, favours and even decorations can all be done without any previous experience.

If you’re struggling for inspiration create a Pinterest board, and start doing your research with handy tutorials such as this one.

Join the Forums

Asking for recommendations or advice can be the best way forward to finding great offers.

There are a number of free wedding forums across the internet where you can join in conversations with fellow brides. Picking the brains of others who are in the same position as you can help you to think of ideas that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of, or find suppliers who are doing special offers.

And of course as well as being a useful resource it can be a great support network.

Be a Discount Diva

If you’ve made it your mission to really cut back the costs but still have it all your own way, then its time to get savvy with your money.

Sign up to any discount websites for voucher codes that could help you to get money off any of the services you need. From flowers to even wedding venues, when you put your mind to it you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

No matter the route you take for securing the finance for your big day, don’t let the stress of it take over the exciting adventure you’e about to embark upon.

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