The Benefits Of A Career In Finance

The benefits of a career in finance

If you have a head for numbers and you’re looking for challenging, interesting and potentially lucrative work, a career in finance may be ideal.

There are a host of roles on offer in fields such as mortgage and financial advice, accountancy, banking, stockbroking and more.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of working in this sector.

The chance to continue your education

The benefits of a career in finance

Whichever field of finance you move into, you should have plenty of opportunities to further your education. Indeed, many of the roles on offer in this sector require you to have specific qualifications.

For example, if you wish to operate as a mortgage advisor, you’ll need to complete a course that is recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority, such as the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP).

According to training specialists Simply Academy, 80 per cent of mortgage advisors hold this qualification.

As well as taking courses to enable you to enter your chosen field, you may well find you have the chance to further your studies once you start work either independently or through your employer.

High levels of job satisfaction

Financial service roles can also offer high levels of job satisfaction. Many of the positions are highly varied and give you the chance to exercise a range of skill sets and a broad knowledge base.

Meanwhile, if you move into advisory or accountancy roles, you’ll get the sense of fulfilment that comes from knowing you are helping your clients to make the right financial decisions.

The chance to earn big money

The benefits of a career in finance

Another advantage of careers in finance is the fact that they give you the chance to earn big money. Many of the roles come with impressive base salaries and it’s often possible to supplement your earnings with commission.

You might also find your remuneration package includes extras like a car allowance, generous pension benefits and insurance. Particularly well paid roles can be found in the fields of banking, investments and accountancy, but all areas of finance have the potential to offer lucrative work.

High demand for your skills

When you embark on a career, you’ll no doubt want to know that there’ll be high demand for your skillset. In finance, you can be confident that your abilities will always be needed.

After all, people will continue to buy homes, seek financial advice, make investments and draw on other fields of financial expertise. This means that once you break into your chosen area, you can feel good about your future prospects.

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