Everything You Need To Know About Unauthorised Overdrafts

Today we have for you a really well designed infographic from Sunny Loans.

The infographic takes a look at what you need to know about unauthorised overdrafts.

Unauthorised overdrafts are the enemy of your budget – you really want to avoid going into an overdraft if possible, especially if unauthorised.

Different banks have different rules and charges, so what happens will depend on what bank you are with – but it is almost universally not a good idea – you will often end up paying daily interest until you get back out of your overdraft.

This infographic contains a range of tips and basic/essential advice, such as using mobile apps to manage your banking and phone spend – and talking to your bank ASAP / before you actually get into trouble with your overdraft.

View the infographic in full below: 

Source: Sunny Loans

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