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Are we overspending?

Are we overspending?

How much have you spent so far on Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner, 247Moneybox have produced an infographic (see below) from a recent survey to see how much we in Britain are spending this Christmas, and whether this puts further strain on our purse strings come the New Year

Yes there will always be a range regarding the amount each person/family spends, but with the average figure being as high as £1500 it’s no wonder a third of respondents will be using credit to fund Christmas this year.

With pressure from social media influencing many regarding what they should and shouldn’t buy and how decorative their home should look, you can see how people can easily get carried away.

Take a look at the infographic and see how your spending compares. It’s a good idea if you feel your spending needs to be managed to form a budget of what you have spent so far and what you need to buy, as it can help give you an idea as to whether you’ve already overspent, and then you can look at cutting costs to keep from going in to debt.

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