What is Tandem?

Tandem is a UK based digital only banking service that offers an app, as well as a range of savings accounts and credit cards.

What Features Does Tandem Have?

Tandem has features including:

  • App to manage your accounts
  • Connect bank accounts to view your finances
  • Fixed savings accounts
  • Credit card to build credit
  • Cashback credit card

Connect Bank Accounts in the App

Using the Tandem app you can connect bank accounts from other providers to help you view your finances and budget successfully.

Savings Accounts

Tandem offer one to three year fixed savings accounts with up to 2% interest.

Credit Cards

Tandem offer two different credit cards: the Journey Credit Card and the Cashback Credit Card.

The Journey Credit Card is designed for users with a bad credit history that need to build up their credit score.

The Cashback Credit Card is for customers with a better credit rating, and comes with 0.5% cashback on purchases over £1 worldwide.

Are My Savings Safe With Tandem?

Savings held with Tandem are protected by the FCFS up to £85,000.

Compare Tandem

ServiceGood ForSavings InterestFCFS ProtectedMore
StarlingBudgeting, Saving0.25% – 0.5%More
MonzoBudgeting, SafetyNoneMore
Revolut🌏 💱NoneNoMore
Atom BankSaving, Mortgages0.8% – 1.8%More
TandemSaving1.6% – 2%More
PlumInvesting, FacebookNoneNoMore
ChipSaving0% – 5%NoMore

Alternatives to Tandem

Alternative services to Tandem include Starling Bank, Atom Bank, Plum, Monzo, Revolut and N26.

Review Summary

  • Features
  • Fees
  • Trust & Safety


N26 is an app-based banking service with plenty of features.

Company Location

Tandem are based in the UK ??

Address: 123 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9LG