Lloyds Under Fire On Car Finance Lending - Image By Tim Green - Via Flickr

Lloyds Under Fire On Car Finance Lending

Lloyds Bank has come under fire for bulk-mailing an eye-catching car loan offer without credit checking customers first.

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Need Help with Your Banking? Ask a Robot

Meet Aida. Shes helpful, polite and, according to Aida herself, she is ‘always at work, 24/7, 365 days a year. Shes also a robot.

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Lloyds Says Farewell to Unplanned Overdraft Fees

Unplanned overdraft fees – they’ve been the bane of plenty of people’s lives.

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Apps Overtake Branches in Battle for Banking

It’s official. The amount of banking we do via smartphone apps is on the rise – highlighting one major driving force behind branch closures across the country.

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6 Questions to Ask When Switching Banks

We all know that if we want the best deals, at the lowest price, it’s good practice to change service providers.

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Explaining Wage Growth - Pound

Explaining Wage Growth

You’ve probably heard it in the news before. Wage growth. Usually it’s tied to a report about inflation or employment. But was it is, how is it tied to inflation, and why does it matter anyway?

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What Do Branch Closures Mean for Modern British Banking?

Following a trend of local branch closures since 2010, 2017 is looking likely to see hundreds of additional branches shut their doors.

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